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Teen Confirmation

Welcome to our Teen Confirmation Page! 

We are excited to welcome you to our Confirmation preparation program at The Immaculata! We have a year-round program where teens meet from 9:45 a.m.-11:15 a.m. each Sunday. This program is discussion based, and focuses heavily on learning from the Mass. Teens attend one overnight retreat in each year of their preparation in order to grow in their faith and strengthen the bond among them. You can find a link to our registration page below which includes the registration form and instructions on how to complete it! 


Please review the following guidelines prior to registering: 


  • Teens enrolled in the program must be in high school, and be at least fifteen years old by the time of their Confirmation. 


  • The materials fee for each teen participating in Confirmation preparation includes the cost for retreats and LA Youth Day each year. 


  • You MUST include a baptismal certificate in your registration packet if your child will be Confirmed this year. If your child was baptized at The Immaculata, please note this on your registration form along with the approximate date of baptism. Please note that we do not hold on to baptism certificates after First Communion, so you will need to provide a copy even if your child received First Communion at The Immaculata. 


  • Per the Diocesan requirements, all teens will need to be in the program for two years prior to their Confirmation. This requirement applies to those attending Catholic schools as well.



Please reach out to our Confirmation Coordinator, Arianna Calio, with any questions! or (619) 574-5704

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