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5998 Alcala Park

San Diego, CA 92110

(located  the University of San Diego Campus)

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Saturdays & Sundays Closed

Phone Number

(619) 574-5700


Fax Number

(619) 574-5707




Visit: Register

Join The Immaculata Community

Thank you for your interest in registering at The Immaculata Catholic Church.


Registering is the official way we join a parish community. But it is more than just filling submitting your information. Registration is a commitment to a community, a way to be included in the religious, social and ministerial activities of a parish.

We hope that The Immaculata becomes a true spiritual home and faith community for you.You can now access your registration information!


The Immaculata now has an online system called My Own Church (MOC). This new online tool lets you update your family’s records and ministry participation, in our existing database, with your own secure login! All you need to do is visit, and select "new user" under the login prompt. You can then select "The Immaculata Parish, San Diego" for the organization, and follow the instructions to create an account.

Then, someone in the church office will approve your account, and you’ll be able to update all of your family information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses by clicking on 'Family Detail' on the left upper side as pictured below.

You’ll be able to upload your family photo(s) in The Immaculata pictorial directory which is only accessible by the parish staff. If you’re involved in ministries here at The Immaculata, the information you put into My Own Church will help us keep your ministry involvement up to date.


Please remember to keep your My Own Church information updated! With your updated information, we’ll be able contact you when we need to so you don’t miss anything important. You’ll also be able to view your own ministry participation and giving history.



If you would like to submit an electronic version of the registration form, or print at home, please follow the instructions below. For those who are registering for the first time, please complete the Immaculata Registration Form. Once completed, please save and email to Flavia at or print out and return to the parish office. For those who would like to update their information, please complete the Registration Update form and return to Flavia via email or return to the parish office.


Thanks for submitting!

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