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The Program for Priestly Formation provides a residential program for men discerning their call to the priesthood for the Diocese of San Diego usually while attending college to obtain their BA in Philosophy or to earn philosophy credits in preparation for
attending a seminary school of theology. In addition to university course work activities include formation conferences, retreats, a daily prayer schedule, pastoral opportunities and spiritual direction.


Qualifications and Skills Needed

Candidates for the priesthood must be at least 18 years old, have graduated from high school and have lived in the Diocese of San Diego for five years. They must be humanly mature with excellent relationship and communication skills with men and women of all ages. They must demonstrate a love for God and the Church by having a well developed life of prayer and experience of ministry. They must have demonstrated the ability to live chastely and in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Men interested in entering the Program of Priestly Formation should contact the Diocesan Office for Priestly Vocations.  Those invited to apply must undergo a screening process that  includes psychological testing.  Upon approval of the Diocesan Bishop, a candidate is accepted into the Program. 


Time Required

Men accepted into the Program of Priestly Formation become
residents at St. Francis Center and are engaged in full-time studies.

Ages 7-17
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