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Family Life & Spirituality 




To provide parents the opportunity to fully participate in the Mass by providing a safe, friendly and
engaging environment for children ages 1 (and walking) to 5 years.


Qualifications & Skills Needed

Childcare workers should relate well with children and have some childcare experience. A background check and Safe Environment Training is required.


Time Required

Childcare workers serve either during the 9:00 a.m. or the 11:00 a.m. Masses and should report 20 minutes prior to the start of Mass.


(858) 278-7894

Darlene Polak

Divorce Support.jpg

Divorce Support


To reach out to those hurting from divorce or separation; to provide support and a path for healing and recovery through the Divorced Catholic Recovering from Divorce program.



A sincere desire to move forward towards healing and recovery; for facilitators - a practicing Catholic fully committed to living the Faith, has been divorced at least three years and has emotionally recovered from their divorce, has a positive,
hopeful attitude and strong desire to help other divorced Catholics.


Time Required

The program is 13 weeks, meetings are one and a half hours per week, plus "homework", including reading each session's chapter in advance.


Rose Musico


Knight of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal organization founded in 1882 in New Haven, Conneticut by Fr. Michael McGivney. The Knights was formed to provide mutual aid and assistance to the sick, disabled and needy members and their families and still provides these services through their insurance offerings. In addition, social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members, and their families welfare, war relief, and public relief works. The fore core principles of Knights are charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


The knights of Columbus is open to Catholic men 18 years and older

Time Required

Typically members attend a monthly meeting and participate in additional social and charitable activities as time allows.


Zac Dooley

Child Care
Ladies of The Immaculata.png

Ladies ofThe Immaculata


The Ladies of The Immaculata is designed to encourage the women of our parish to grow in our faith. We believe in the development and strengthening of friendships with other women of the parish and seek for ways to serve and reach out to our parish community.

Qualification and Skills Needed

Women of all ages are welcome

Time Required

Meetings are held quarterly. Please look for announcements on the Beacon for more details.


Vinita Rajah

(619) 851-3454

Parish Rosary.jpg

Parish Rosary

For more information about this ministry contact the Parish office.


Parish Office

(619) 574 - 5700

Paris Rosary
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