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Caring for the Whole Person

An initiative to ensure all parish members are supported in health and serious illness so they may always fully embrace God’s love and life.
•    Establish a caring environment to sustain parishioners and their families throughout the transitions of life.
•    Provide spiritual care to families with loved ones who are suffering, be it physically, emotionally, mentally     or spiritually.
•    Visit the sick and homebound for fellowship and pastoral care.
•    Provide information about Church teachings on compassionate care throughout life.
•    Assess the needs of caregivers in the parish.
•    Promote human dignity at all stages of life, especially at the end of life.

For more information, see the Caring for the Whole Person page at: For specific questions or concerns, contact the parish office at (619) 574-5700 or the Immaculata Caring for the Whole Person Lead or Nadine Padilla at

What is the Caring for the Whole Person Initiative?

The Caring for the Whole Person Initiative is a collaborative project of the California Catholic Conference (CCC), the Alliance of Catholic Health Care and Catholic health care leaders in California. Leadership includes bishops, Catholic health care executives, and thought leaders.

The Initiative is aimed at creating an environment in our parishes, communities, and health care systems in which all persons are loved, wanted, and worthy and will be prepared and supported in health and serious illness through the end of life.

Why did the partners start the Initiative?

The legalization of physician-assisted suicide in California in 2015 and growing national support for similar measures illuminated the need for greater support directed toward people in end-of-life or crisis situations. In particular, the Bishops and Catholic health care leaders in California believed the Church needed to take urgent and decisive action aimed at transforming the way in which society cares for the chronically and terminally ill.

Accordingly, they launched the Caring for the Whole Person Initiative, a robust partnership to ensure that parishioners and patients are loved and supported; that they can openly talk with their spiritual leaders, clinicians, and family members about their wishes at the end of life; and that they have access to quality palliative care before they suffer needless medical procedures.

What is the vision of the Caring for the Whole Person Initiative?

The Initiative’s Vision, derived from the health ministry principle of whole person care, is that:

Persons in our congregations, communities, and hospitals are loved, wanted and worthy, and will be prepared and supported in health and serious illness through the end of life.

What is “Whole Person Care”?

Whole Person Care attends to basic human needs, strives to optimize health, alleviate suffering, bring comfort, prevent injury and illness, and foster physical, functional, emotional, social, interpersonal, and spiritual well-being.

Whole Person Care is applicable throughout the course of life and is made available through the collaborative efforts of health care, social services, congregations, and communities in the context of an individual’s family and home environment.

How will the Initiative be implemented at The Immaculata? Is this purely a program for people who are sick or dying?

At The Immaculata we take the view that Caring for the Whole Person is a “whole life” practice that supports our parish mission. Our focus is on pastoral care, which is emotional, social and spiritual support. We recognize that the need for pastoral care can arise at different points in life and want parishioners to know their Church is here to help when they encounter challenges.

With an array of thriving ministries, The Immaculata already has a strong foundation in Whole Person Care. Implementing Caring for the Whole Person provides an opportunity to further reinforce the parish’s goal of providing a spiritual home for all who seek God. Ensuring that parishioners feel spiritually, emotionally and physically supported throughout life will strengthen enhance the vitality of our community as we journey with God.

Is this a ministry?

No. This is an initiative aimed at strengthening and utilizing our ministries to ensure members of our community feel supported throughout their lives in our parish.

Because much of the pastoral care offered within our parish takes place within the context of aging, serious illness, death, and grief, we have currently established our Mental Health, Senior Discussion, Homebound and Bereavement ministries as our pillars for the initiative, but undoubtedly most of our ministries will be involved at one time or another.

In the coming months you will be hearing more about Caring for the Whole Person at The Immaculata and within the diocese.

What additional resources are available?

We have added a Caring for the Whole Person page on our website, For questions or concerns contact the parish office (619) 574-5700 or The Immaculata Caring for the Whole Person Lead or Nadine Padilla at: Information is also available on the diocese website and at


Bereavement Ministry


Our mission is to extend consolation, prayers, and support to the bereaved of our community.


Qualifications and Skills Needed

A willingness to participate in one or more of the following activities: Pray for the bereaved, provide consolation and assistance to the bereaved family as needed, assist with funeral receptions, assist with the All Souls’ Reception and Stewardship Social.


Time Required

Attend two committee meetings per year. Attend Rosaries, Funeral Masses, and Funeral Receptions as time allows.


Chris Gomez


Senior Ministry


To create community and to support senior adults and their faith journey.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

A desire to build community with other seniors and to be connected to The Immaculata Parish

Time required

There are several options depending on your availability and your interests:

  • Coffee Meet-Up meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Contact: Bea Halk at

  • Senior Discussion Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. with a wide variety of topics discussed. Contact: Laura Runkle at

  • Terrific Tuesday Walkers meets 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:15 a.m. Contact: Rosemary Grassi (619) 226-4149.


Laura Martin-Spencer


Homebound Ministry


Our mission is to extend the celebration of the Eucharist along with the care and prayers of our community to the sick and the homebound.


Qualifications and Skills Needed

•   Eucharistic Minister

•   Must be 18 years or older

•   Couples and families are welcomed

•   Must be able to drive to homes or hospitals

• Application required


Time Required

• At least one hour (or less) per week, including travel time.

• Attend one 30-minute Communion to the Sick training.


Chris Gomez

Mental Health.png

Mental Health Ministry

Mental Health - Beacon Articles



To increase awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health issues through parish education, resource development and connecting individuals and families to support services  in the community.


Mental health professionals and other parishioners who have a passion for serving those with mental health needs and their families. Requires application and approval of the pastor.

Time Required

Meeting every other month along with special projects as needed.



Laura Martin-Spencer

Bereavemet Ministy
Homebound Ministy
Mental Health
Senior Ministry
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